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Construction of Haixia Olympic Center begins in Fuzhou
Updated: 2011-01-14

On Dec 23, construction of the Haixia Olympic Center and Fuzhou Urban Planning Exhibition Hall was launched on Nantai Island, Fuzhou.

Construction of Haixia Olympic Center begins in Fuzhou

Nantai Island, also known as Changshan district as an administrative division since Fuzhou was founded in 1946, is the biggest island in the Minjiang River, with an area of 120 square kilometers. Fujianeses residing abroad are more familiar with the name Nantai Island, due to the business prosperity here before their ancestors left the country. Building the sports center tops the list of The 12th Five-Year Plan (2011-2015) for Fuzhou, as the city aims to hold the National City Games in 2015.

The Haixia Olympic Center is located in the mid-west of Nantai Island, covers an area of 181.2 acres, and will double as the Sports Center for Fujian province. The center consists of a main stadium with 60 thousand seats, a gymnasium, a swimming center, and a tennis stadium. It is expected to be finished by 2014. After completion, it will be a comprehensive sports center and leisure park for Fuzhou citizens.

To the east of the Olympic Center stands the five-storey Fuzhou Urban Planning Exhibition Hall, with one storey located underground. In the exhibition building, a sand table shows the panorama of Fuzhou city, while the history exhibition room and multi-media theater display the past and future of Fuzhou. It also represents a high-quality investment environment. The building can be used for exhibitions, academic exchange, meetings, science presentations, and travel and leisure.

By Fu Bo