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Fuzhou to host 8th National City Games
Updated: 2011-08-23

On August 16, Fuzhou beat Hangzhou in an open competition to host the 8th National City Games in 2015, according to a vote by leading officials of the General Administration of Sport and sports bureaus of all provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities. Fuzhou will be given rights to host the Games when approved by the State Council.

Meanwhile, Tianjin was voted as host of the 13th National Games in 2017.

Fuzhou’s experience in hosting large events

The National City Games is the largest comprehensive sporting event in the country, after the National Games. The city once hosted the Fuzhou International Triathlon Intercontinental Matches, the 2010 China National Triathlon Champion Cup, and the National Special Olympic Games. The city has proven it can host large scale sporting events.

At the 6th National City Games, held in Wuhan city in 2007, 319 athletes from Fuzhou sports delegation participated in 21 events and broke many records. It won eight gold medals, six silver medals and four bronze medals. It was ranked sixth out of provincial capital cities and eighth in overall participating cities.

Fuzhou has bred many fine athletes that have competed at provincial and national level. The city has produced 24 world champions, 26 Asian champions and 50 national champions Among them, Qi Hui, a swimming star, Huang Shanshan, a trampoline champion, and Xue Chen, a female volleyball player.

Ecological friendly and neighboring Taiwan highlight Fuzhou

Hosting the city games will not only demonstrate the overall strength and social development of the city but also its economic and sporting progress. Fuzhou won the bid to host the games because of its friendly environment. The city has also been hailed for its ambition of running an “ecologically friendly city games”. It’s also favored because of its unique position of being Taiwan’s neighbor across the Straits.

In October 2008, Taiwan set up a sports delegation to attend the 6th National Farmers Games in Quanzhou, Fujian province for the first time. Cai Chenwei, chairman of China Taipei Olympic Committee, said Taipei would attend the National City Games, if it is held in Fujian province.

The National City Games is held every four years. So far it has been held 6 times. The first National City Games took place in Jinan city of Shandong province in 1988. The 7th National City Games will be held in Nanchang city of Jiangxi province from October 16 to 25 this year.