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1b yuan injected into inland river rebuiling and preserving
Updated: 2011-11-23

Fuzhou’s inland river rebuilding and preserving program is going to cost over 1 billion yuan, said sources with the Housing and Construction Office of Fuzhou

Commencing this year, the inland river regulation of Fuzhou completed an investment of 1.25 billion yuan. The comprehensive improvement of the Baima river accumulated 73 percent of the total investment; the 13 inland rivers such as the Dongxi river completed 19 percent; 80 percent of the dredging project of the Jinan river was completed; 32 percent of the sewage interception project of the inland river of Tainan island was completed.

In urban general transportation, Fujian province completed investments of 40.7 billion yuan in the first 10 months this year. The investment of metro line 1 in Fuzhou was 5.65 billion yuan, the maintenance structure of Baihuting station was completed and earthwork excavation was started.

In urban landscaping, Fujian province completed investments of 3.85 billion yuan in the first 10 months, 2,622 hectares of green land of built up area, 292 hectares of 212 central green spaces, 343 hectares of 50 parks, 134 street gardens, small street scenes and patches of green space were newly increased, and vertical planting of more than 2,100 places were completed.

In urban sewage treatment and garbage disposal, there were 17 life garbage disposal sites and 12 municipal sewage plants under construction in Fujian in the first 10 months. Seven sewage plants were put into operation in Fu village in Fuzhou; 65 percent of the engineering quantity of the waste incineration power plant in Lianjiang was completed; the feasible research, environmental impact assessment and land acquisition of the waste incineration power plant of Pingtan were achieved.