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Jin’an: Nongjiele Demonstration Area built by integrating high-level farm households
Updated: 2012-05-31

On April 10, the starting process of comprehensively transforming the Guling villa and farm inns was launched in the Jin’an district, Fujian province.

It is said that Jin’an plans to integrate 10 high-level farm houses in the Yi Xia village, Guling area, after trying to build a “farm inns” demonstration area. The housing structures will be modified to achieve the goal.

Li Qi, deputy director of the Jin’an Tourism Bureau, came to the Guling area to investigate the public opinion of this transformation work. “Let’s look at our newly modified pavilion,” manager of the Baocui villa Guo Shaomin said.

He took the research group to visit their new establishment which was a modified pavilion that featured three tea tables. The manager was impressed but added a concern of rationally consumption. There are 70 villas and family hotels altogether in the Guling area, with more than 3,000 beds to accommodate guests.

In order to improve the reception capacity, Jin’an district plans to set admission standards of star-level hotels and Nongjieles. It also calls for the villagers to cooperate with the government in the transformation work. It will design and modify some of the Nongjiele housing structures free of charge, which will be taken as the model house to popularize.

Uniform store signs will also be adopted to standardize the whole area. Next they will build an asphalt road on the main road. Some streets will be turned into country paths. Greenbelts will be built along the roads in the demonstration area.

A small parking lot will be built to facilitate the tourism. The supporting facilities are under construction and will be completed in June of this year. It is said that the work of renovating the Ancient Street is undergoing a smooth transition and the relocation arrangements have already made, with the relocated houses being measured now.

In order to improve the public information identification system, the district will design a new set of traffic signposts, scenic road signs, scenic spot explanation boards, scenic tours maps, service facility interpretation systems, and warning signs according to the standards of National Tourist Resort.