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Gaoye Temple Folk Culture Festival launched in Fuzhou
Updated: 2012-07-24

Gaoye Temple Folk Culture Festival launched in Fuzhou
Visitors are touching the rice turtle.

The first Gaoye Temple Folk Culture Festival was held in the east of Wushan Mountain in Fuzhou on July 24. A rice turtle, which weighs as much as 5,000 kilograms, is made and placed in the temple. Fuzhou local people couldn’t wait to touch it.

A Rice turtle is an important tool in the traditional custom shared by Taiwan and Fujian residents, according to Lin Shan, president of Fuzhou Traditional Culture Promotion Association. In Taiwan, praying to a rice turtle is an essential custom on Lantern Festival.

Turtles always mean safety and longevity in Chinese traditional culture. On Penghu Island, Taiwan, locals who make their living by fishing will release captured turtles.

The giant rice turtle is piled up with bags of rice by four masters from Penghu. Bags of rice were donated by Fuzhou locals and after the festival will be given to welfare homes and families in need.

The festival will last to August 4. During the festival, a seminar on Fuzhou culture and performances including Min operas, Pinghua (storytelling) and puppet shows will be held.