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Fuzhou to develop Jiangyin Port Area
Updated: 2012-08-02

Fuzhou, capital of East China's Fujian Province has decided to enhance the efforts to develop the Jiangyin Port Area as part of the efforts to build the Fuzhou Port.

Yang Yue, Party Secretary of Fuzhou Municipality, presided over a conference recently to focus on preferential policies of port growth and discuss the development of the Jiangyin Port Area.

The Jiangyin Port Area, an important part of Fuzhou Port, has a favorable location and shoreline, which provides agreeable conditions for its development. According to the conference, in order to build Fuzhou Port into an international shipping hub, Fuzhou should spare no effort to develop the Jiangyin Port Area. This includes improving infrastructure and creating high-quality plans for a functional layout, industrial development and urban construction.

The conference stressed three main points.

First, the Jiangyin Port Area should take full advantage of its preferential policies with regards to finished auto imports, Fuzhou’s bonded port and Pingtan’s open land. These preferential policies can boost Jiangyin’s industrial structures, modern service industries (finance, exhibitions and logistics) and harbor economy.

Second, improve infrastructure for transportation systems (railways, roads and port terminals) as well as production and living facilities in the Jiangyin Port Area. More leading enterprises will be invited to participate in the infrastructure construction to enhance Jiangyin’s comprehensive service capabilities.

Finally, the Jiangyin Port Area should upgrade its industrial layout and increase its throughput capability by acquiring more harbor projects; constructing the Shihua Zone and operation areas Bitou, Niutouwei and Wan’an; and boosting its modern service industry.