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Fujian organizes traditional Chinese medicine inheritance program
Updated: 2012-08-14

According to the Fujian Provincial Department of Health, Fujian has organized the fifth National Inheritance Program of Traditional Chinese Medicine. In the program, 22 old experts in TCM will select 44 heirs from hospitals or academic institutes. Experts and heirs will be provided with an allowance of 30,000 yuan ($4,720) each by the central government.

By the end of August, the 44 heirs will start their three-year training, which includes expert lectures, individual practice and theoretical studies. They are required to study the Huang Di Nei Jing (Inner Canon of Huang Di), Shang Han Lun (Treatise on Febrile Diseases) and other classics of Chinese medicine. Heirs who pass the qualification test at the end of training will be issued qualified certifications. They can also apply for a Master of Medicine and will be given priority when competing for professional titles.

In recent years, Fuzhou has organized four such training programs and trained many young doctors to become experts in TCM.

Edited by Lin Hong, Zou Yi and Michael Thai