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Tea expo opens in Fuzhou 2014-10-31
The second Fuzhou Tea Industry Expo kicked off in Fuzhou city in Fujian province on Oct 30.

First yacht club to open in Fuzhou 2014-10-31
Fuzhou city is likely to become the second city in Fujian province to have a yacht club in the next one or two years.

Bank of East Asia opens Fuzhou branch 2014-10-30
Bank of East Aisa opens Fuzhou branch

Third Taiwanese bank to set up branch in Fuzhou 2014-10-29
The banking regulator on the Chinese mainland has recently approved an application by Taiwan’s Hua Nan Bank to open a branch in Fuzhou, Fujian province.

FTZ model 'will expand nationwide' 2014-10-29
The business model behind Shanghai Pilot Free Trade Zone should now be copied at other suitable sites, according to President Xi Jinping.

Two banks from Taiwan to settle in Fuzhou 2014-10-17
China’s banking regulator has recently approved applications from two Taiwanese banks to establish branches in Fuzhou.

The hidden treasures of Fujian 2014-10-06
Though it may not have internationally renowned metropolises, Fujian province in southeastern China is filled with cities reputed for their cultural richness and year-round clean air.

Upgrading injects vigor in Tong'an 2014-09-16
Tong'an has made remarkable progress in industrial upgrading and brand building in recent years.

Fujian to boost customs operations in Pingtan 2014-09-04
Customs and quarantine authorities in Fujian province signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) in Pingtan on Aug 26 in a bid to deepen cooperation and boost trade growth.

Balance seen as vital for 'blue economy' 2014-08-28
The marine or blue economy is increasingly considered a good place to boost a country's sustainable development because of the huge economic and social potential of the seas, China's ocean watchdog said.

New maritime Silk Road to promote ties with ASEAN 2014-08-28
The willingness of China and Association of Southeast Asian Nations members to build the 21st century maritime Silk Road will inject impetus into upgrading the ASEAN-China Free Trade Area over the long term, industry experts said.

Nation welcomes marine partners 2014-08-28
China is forging durable partnerships with APEC economies amid a rising tide of maritime international cooperation set for 2015.

Fuzhou in pursuit of first private bank 2014-08-28
Ocean Bank, which aims to become the first ever private bank in Fuzhou city, has filed an application of establishment to the provincial government.

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