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Fuzhou to hold cross-Straits folk custom festival 2015-02-27
The eighth Cross-Straits Folk Custom Festival will open in Fuzhou, the capital city of Fujian province, on March 1, the city's publicity department announced Feb 26.

Taiwanese chamber of commerce visits Pingtan 2015-02-13
The Pingtan Comprehensive Pilot Zone might seem the dream partner for Taiwan's chamber of commerce.

8 Taiwanese drug suspects detained in Fujian 2015-02-12
Eight Taiwanese suspects were formally detained in Fujian Province on Wednesday for allegedly attempting to smuggle 251 kilograms of ketamine from the mainland to the island.

Body of last victim of Taiwan plane crash found 2015-02-13
Rescue workers recovered the body of the last unaccounted passenger from the Taiwan flight that crashed last week on Thursday afternoon, nine days after the fatal plane crash that killed 43.

NGOs provide free food to rescue workers of crashed TransAsia plane 2015-02-09
NGOs provide free food to rescue workers of crashed TransAsia plane

KMT, DPP keep legislative seats unchanged in Taiwan by-elections 2015-02-09
Taiwan's ruling Kuomintang and opposition Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) kept their seats at the legislative body unchanged in five by-elections held Saturday to fill vacancies, with the KMT winning two seats and DPP three.

People claim belongings of victims of plane crash in Taipei 2015-02-09
People claim belongings of victims of plane crash in Taipei

Public mourning for Taiwan plane crash victims on Feb. 10 2015-02-09
A public memorial ceremony will be held on Feb. 10 in Taipei to mourn victims of the TransAsia Airways plane crash.

Taiwan visit postponed because of crash 2015-02-09
The mainland's head of Taiwan affairs postponed a visit to Kinmen County in the aftermath of the TransAsia Airways crash.

Black box of crashed Taiwan plane retrieved 2015-02-05
Black box of crashed Taiwan plane retrieved

31 Xiamen people in dropped Taiwan ATR-72 airplane 2015-02-04
At least 12 people have died after a TransAsia airline plane, carrying 31 passengers from the Chinese mainland, crashed into a river in Taipei city in Taiwan.

Taiwan TransAsia Airways plane plunges into river 2015-02-04
The 31 Chinese mainland passengers were on organized trips, managed by two travel agencies from Xiamen City in the southeast mainland province of Fujian.

Regulator to allow greater volatility for Taipei equity market 2015-02-04
Taiwan's financial regulator announced on Tuesday it will allow greater daily fluctuations on the equity market to encourage investors to buy into small and medium cap stocks.

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