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City mayor meets Taiwan county magistrate 2015-01-29
Yang Yimin, mayor of Fuzhou, Fujian province, had a meeting with a delegation from Taiwan headed by Liu Cheng-ying, newly elected magistrate of Lienchiang county.

Mainland committed to peace, stability across Taiwan Strait 2015-01-28
The Chinese mainland will work to maintain a stable situation across the Taiwan Strait and contain "Taiwan independence" activities, according to the top political advisor Tuesday.

Cross-Straits ferries to be back in action 2015-01-28
Two passenger ferries commuting between Pingtan in Fujian province and Taiwan will resume service following an adjournment period in January.

Swimming base to be set up in Haitan Strait in Pingtan 2015-01-28
The Pingtan Social Affairs Bureau signed a cooperation agreement with the Beijing Hengdu Sports Development Co on Jan 16 that vowed jointly set up an open-water swimming base in the Haitan Strait.

Cross-Strait economic talks scheduled for Jan 29 2015-01-27
The seventh regular meeting of the Cross-Strait Economic Cooperation Committee (ECC) will be held on Jan. 29 in Taipei, the Chinese mainland's Association for Relations Across the Taiwan Straits (ARATS) announced on Monday.

Disabled Xiamen girl gets treatment in Taiwan 2015-01-26
Chen Tuanzhi, a 26-year-old girl who suffers from the extremely serious congenital genu recurvatum disease, finally returned to Xiamen, on Jan 22, after she was given treatment in Taiwan.

Fujian's trade with Taiwan fell slightly in 2014 2015-01-26
Total imports and exports between Fujian and Taiwan reached 76.4 billion yuan in 2014, which is a decrease of 4.2% from the previous year.

Taiwan bans poultry killing at slaughterhouses 2015-01-26
Taiwan on Saturday began a four-day ban on the killing of chickens, ducks and geese at slaughterhouses across the island, as a bird flu outbreak spreads.

Taiwan sees severest bird flu outbreak in decade 2015-01-23
The current avian flu outbreak in Taiwan is the most severe experienced in the past decade, the island's agriculture council chief said on Wednesday.

Mainland, Taiwan plan Zhang Zhijun's visit to Kinmen 2015-01-22
The Chinese mainland and Taiwan are planning a visit by the mainland's top Taiwan affairs official to Kinmen County, a mainland spokesman said Wednesday.

Pingtan to build cross-Straits food processing base 2015-01-21
The base will be mainly engaged in deep processing of aquatic products, fruit, vegetables and other kinds of food.

Mainland investment in Taiwan drops slightly in 2014 2015-01-21
Statistics show that investment in Taiwan from the mainland reached 334.63 million U.S. dollars last year, down 4.25 percent from 2013.

Pingtan launches cross-Straits quarantine project 2015-01-20
Fujian's quarantine authority recently launched a pilot project, which will accept quarantine results from Taiwan’s professional agencies, in Pingtan.

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