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New lease on life for ancient buildings 2013-08-12
An old story still raises a chuckle among tulou residents in Longyan, Fujian province.

A work of art with a soul 2013-08-12
Even though he's an expert in tulou building, Xu Songsheng, 61, hasn't constructed a new building since 2002.

Culture products in the spotlight in Fujian 2013-08-01
Culture exports are becoming an important part to Fujian province’s foreign trade.

Finding ways to preserve the Fuzhou dialect 2013-08-01
A local school began offering courses recently in the city, with qualified experts teaching the Fuzhou dialect.

Other award-winning works by architect Li Xiaodong 2013-07-25
The Bridge School

World-class art event held in Fujian 2013-07-24
All the Way from Kassel is a grand public art exhibition which drew inspiration from dOCUMENTA, the world-class art event held every fives years in Kassel, Germany.

Yuan Quan and Wang Luoyong bring Jane Eyre to Fuzhou 2013-07-22
Chinese version of Jane Eyre was on stage in Fuzhou.

Sanming hosts 4th junior art exhibition 2013-07-19
The fourth Cross-Straits Junior Art Exhibition’s first show on the Chinese mainland took place in Sanming.

Fashion show goes underwater 2013-07-18
Models show wedding dresses and suits at an underwater fashion show at Zuohai Aquarium of Fuzhou.

Cultural industry in Fujian and Hong Kong expects further cooperation 2013-07-15
Hong Kong and Fujian province drafted plans to deepen cooperation on the cultural industry.

Buddhist wedding chimes in E China 2013-07-08
Buddhist masters attend the first formal Buddhism wedding in Xiamen city, Fujian province on July 6, 2013.

The last storytelling theater in E China 2013-07-01
Lin Hairong performs Fuzhou Pinghua - telling stories in the Fuzhou dialect - at the Yuye storytelling theater in Fuzhou, East China's Fujian province, June 6, 2013.

Ancient Chinese documents win UNESCO recognition 2013-06-21
Documents were stored and recommended for the UNESCO honor by the archives bureaus of Guangdong and Fujian.

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