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Parade held to honor Guandi in Fujian 2013-06-21
Locals participate in an annual parade honoring Guandi at Tongling Town in Dongshan County, Fujian province, June 20.

Local culture showcased at Straits Forum 2013-06-17
The Southern Fujian Cultural Festival, the annual celebration and showcase of local culture held in the province's Quanzhou city, will be incorporated into the ongoing Straits Forum for the first time.

Art of urbanity 2013-06-16
Hong Kong, Beijing and Shanghai are deservedly known as centers for the arts, but Xiamen is set to gatecrash the show.

Putian University to set up Mazu culture research center 2013-04-19
The All-China Federation of Taiwan Compatriots approved Putian University to build a Mazu culture research center.

Music that shines 2013-04-14
As darkness falls, a marvelous "lightning" concert is staged in the village of Dacuo, Heshang town, Fujian province.

Gung ho about ketchup and other Chinese words 2013-03-25
As a language expert, Alan Yu is used to all kinds of influences showing up in English words.

Fujian's Mindu culture discussed at forum in Beijing 2013-01-28
Dozens of historians, scholars and government officials gathered in Beijing recently to attend the second Mindu Culture Forum.

Fuzhou Cross-Strait Creative Industrial Park to open first phase in Oct 2012-08-13
Phase one of the Fuzhou Cross-Strait Creative Industry Park,which includes the Taiwan Creative Design Center, was completed and will open to the public this October.

Cross-Straits Art Exchange opens in Fujian 2012-08-06
The eighth Cross-Straits Art Exchange opened in the Fujian Folk Art Museum on Aug 4.

Pictures of a life that morphed with the times 2012-05-24
Ye Jinglu was born in 1881 in Fuzhou, Fujian province. He went to London at age 15 as an attendant to Luo Fenglu, the Qing Dynasty (1644-1911) commissioner to Britain, Italy and Belgium.

Portraits of change 2012-05-24
Tong says the album shows the owner's tenacity and persistence in taking those photos. And it provided an uncomfortable reminder to Tong of his personal lack of determination to take photos of his son.

One city, two zones and ten districts 2011-10-21
Fuzhou will become the capital of hot springs and a city of happiness.

Fuzhou offers free access to public cultural facilities 2011-10-17
Fuzhou will open public cultural facilities for free.

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