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Changle Sport Park to open before Spring Festival 2011-10-11
The main construction of the first sports park in Changle is part complete and is expected to open before the Spring Festival.

Sanfangqixiang greets the National Day 2011-09-30
21 projects will be completed before National Day.

Fuzhou forwards green development with cultural and ethical progress 2011-09-27
Fuzhou has been bent on boosting the economy and paying equal attention to preserving the ecological environment.

Ticket for touring on Boat issued 2011-09-22
The tickets also had been issued. Tourists can bring them back home as bookmarks.

Spanish Masterworks exhibited in Fuzhou 2010-07-22
Fuzhou Art Gallery and Valencia Modern Art Museum jointly opened a new exhibit, the Spanish Fine Art Exhibition, on July 20, 2010.

Province hopes to rejuvenate hot spring culture 2010-06-28
Fuzhou, capital of Fujian province, has recently launched a series of projects aimed at rejuvenating its millennium-old hot spring culture.

Fujian handiwork 2010-06-28
A number of century-old Fujian arts and crafts products and rare local food are on display in the boutique area of the Fujian Pavilion at the Shanghai World Expo.

Senior official calls for promotion of religious values 2010-06-12
A senior Chinese official has called for promoting the values of the country's religions, such as sincerity, harmony, safeguarding the nation and loving the people.

A loving home away from home 2010-06-02

The classroom is decorated with alphabets and toys. A teacher plays an organ and sings an English song.

Under the veil of mystery of a Korean performance 2010-05-07
Curiosity hits a peak as DPRK stars take center stage.

Rene Liu to kick off concert tour in May 2010-04-28
BEIJING, April 27 -- Taiwan singer-actress Rene Liu will kick off her 5th concert tour in Shanghai on May 8, the Oriental Morning Post reports.After the Shanghai stop, Liu will head for Shenyang, Nanjing, Beijing, Zhengzhou, Wuhan, Fuzhou, Hangzhou, Chengdu, Guangzhou and Jiangyin.

Fueled by filial piety 2010-03-10
Wang Yuxia's husband once promised to take her to all the beautiful sights across the country.

Migrant worker to publish novel based on own life 2010-02-01
FUZHOU: A 450,000-word novel on the lives of Chinese migrant workers has won favor among on-line readers with more than 500,000 page views in four months since it appeared on Internet last October.

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