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Hotel Nikko Xiamen has its grand opening 2011-09-13
Hotel Nikko Xiamen had its grand opening on Thursday.

Yongtai will initiate landscape reconstruction 2011-09-09
Yongtai will initiate the landscape reconstruction along the arterial roads from Sep. 10, sources with the Yongtai government.

Sanfangqixiang Museum District unveiled in Fuzhou 2011-08-30
Sanfangqixiang Museum District, the first finished museum district in China, was officially unveiled on Aug 24.

Fujian unveils national base for protecting underwater cultural relics 2011-08-25
The National Underwater Cultural Heritage Protection Fujian Base was established at Fujian Museum.

Tanshishan culture 2010-04-06
The Tanshishan culture offers us great insight into the lives of China's pre-history

Shipping Industry of Fuzhou 2010-03-29
Fuzhou has a long history of building ships.

Tomb of Lin Zexu 2010-03-22
Lin not only served as an excellent statesman, but also penned many works, such as Collected Works By Lin Zexu.

Three Lanes and Seven Alleys 2010-03-29
Three Lanes and Seven Alleys, located at the centre of Fuzhou City, is the well preserved architectural complex of the Ming and Qing Dynasty.

Fuzhou storytelling 2010-03-23
Fuzhou storytelling, which is performed in the Fuzhou dialect, is very popular in Fuzhou, Minhou, and other regions of Fujian Province.

Min Opera 2010-03-23
Min Opera, also called Fuzhou Opera, is the only opera sung in the Fuzhou dialect.

Fuzhou Chi Yi 2010-03-23
Fuzhou Chi Yi is a traditional form of singing and performance that is prevalent in Fuzhou, Minhou, and other regions of Fujian Province.

Shoushan Stone Carving 2010-03-23
Shoushan stone is a kind of alabaster quarried from a mountain called Shoushan in the northern suburbs of Fuzhou.

Technique of Fuzhou Bodiless Lacquerware 2010-03-22
At the Shanghai World Expo, a couple of bodiless plum vases made by Shen Zhenghao more than one hundred years ago will be exhibited in Fujian Hall from May 1st to October 31st.

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