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Mazu worshipping ceremony in Sanfang Qixiang
Fuzhou residents and Hanfu fans worship Mazu at Tianhou Palace, in Sanfang Qixiang.

Tourist card for Sanfang Qixiang available starting Oct 9
Fuzhou locals are able to apply for an annual pass to Sanfang Xiqiang.

Tourist attractions along the Xiangpu Railway
Fujian had up to 13 million visitors during the seven-day National Day holiday.

Fuzhou tourism boom during National Day holiday
Fuzhou saw 1.7 million overnight and one-day visitors during the National Day holiday.

Fujian signs new memorandum on tourism
Fujian and the China National Tourism Administration signed a memorandum on to cooperate on Fujian’s tourism development.

Travel fair focuses on Straits tourism
The ninth Straits Travel Fair will extend cooperation across the Taiwan Straits from tourism exchanges to industrial collaboration to bring about mutual benefits, officials said.

A trip back in time
In addition to the 46 tulou included on the World Heritage List, some 23,000 are strewn across a wide area in the vast mountainous regions of Yongding.

Fujian plans a tourism counseling center
Fujian’s provincial Tourism Administration has announced that it will begin work on a Fujian-Taiwan rural tourism counseling center.

Wetland in Minjiang ready to receive global attention
The wetland plans to register under the Ramsar List of Wetlands of International Importance in the next five years.

Fujian to boost tourism
Fujian will deepen its cooperation with Taiwan by developing more cross-Straits tourism projects.

Govt may to limit number of tourists on Gulangyu
Tourists visiting a famous scenic island in Fujian province may have to buy a ticket before they can set foot on the island.

Xiapu: China's most beautiful mudflat
Xiapu is located at the northeast part of China's Fujian province.

Fujian province’s top 10 islands
Fujian province’s ocean and fisheries department has recently announced the results of its Top 10 beautiful Islands survey.

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