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Fujian Province
Updated: 2010-03-25

Administrative Division and Population

It is divided into 9 prefecture-level cities, 14 county-level cities and 46 counties, with a population of 34.71 million by 2000.


Fujian Province

Min Cuisine (Fujian Cuisine) is one of the Eight Great Cuisines in China, emphasizing seafood, river fish, and shrimp. The most characteristic aspect of Fujian Cuisine is that its dishes are served in soup.


Fujian Province

Pear Orchard Opera, Puppet Show, etc.

Special Local Products

The main traditional specialties are the Oolong Tea, orange of Zhangzhou, longan of Jinjiang, lacquer ware of Fuzhou, porcelain of Dehua, stone carving of Shoushan and woodcarving of Quanzhou.

Source: chinaculture.org

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