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Project: Star-grade Hotel
Updated: 2010-03-25

1. General contact unit of project: Fuzhou Municipality Cangshan District Bureau of Foreign Trade & Economic Cooperation

Contact person: Hao Junhong and Pan Jiansheng

Contact tel.:0591-83139736、0591-83139746

Contact fax:0591-83139738

E-mail: hao5188@21cn.com

2. Content, construction scale and site choice of project:

(1) Project site: the plot in Linpu Village, Chengmen, Cangshan District, and to the northeast of Strait International Conference & Exhibition Center;

(2) Construction scale: it covers about 77,341 ㎡ (116.01 mu) of land.

3. Reasons for and conditions of project construction:

(1) The site chosen is located in New East City and to the northeast of Strait International Conference & Exhibition Center. As the political center of Fuzhou Municipality moves southward, and the Southern Railway and Bus Station are being constructed, waves of people, material and capital are sure to rush in, bringing good opportunities for the Star-grade Hotel to prosper and grow.

(2) Conditions: the Star-grade Hotel is to be constructed as per the standards specified by the State Administration of Tourism, i.e., it must cover over 100,000 ㎡ of floor space with over 1,000 beds.

4. Progress in early-stage work: the public infrastructure of roads, water, electricity and gas are to be completed and put into use by 2010.

5. Total project investment: USD 0.15-0.23 billion is to be invested.

6. Cooperation mode: various forms of cooperation.

Source: fuzhou.gov.cn