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Zhanqian Commercial Plaza of Southern Railway Station
Updated: 2010-03-25

1. General contact unit of project: Fuzhou Municipality Cangshan District Bureau of Foreign Trade & Economic Cooperation

Contact person: Hao Junhong and Pan Jiansheng

Contact tel.:0591-83139736、0591-83139746

Contact fax:0591-83139738

E-mail: hao5188@21cn.com

2. Content, construction scale and site choice of project:

(1) Project site: Zhanqian Rd., Southern Railway Station, New East City;

(2) Content: large-sized commercial mall;

(3) Construction scale: it covers 210 mu of land.

3. Reasons for and conditions of project construction:

The project’s location, near the Southern Railway Station, boasts convenient traffic, making it a suitable place to develop a large-sized commercial plaza. As New East City, as well as Southern Railway and Bus Station, are being constructed and put into use, torrents of people, materials and capital are sure to rush in to provide public shopping, residence and leisure, creating boundless commercial opportunities.

4. Progress in early-stage work: dismantling is already under way.

5. Total project investment: USD 0.23-0.3 billion is to be invested.

6. Cooperation mode: various forms of cooperation.

Source: fuzhou.gov.cn