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Development of Fuwan Metropolitan Industrial Park
Updated: 2010-03-25

1. General contact unit of project: Fuzhou Municipality Cangshan District Bureau of Foreign Trade & Economic Cooperation

Contact person: Hao Junhong and Pan Jiansheng

Contact tel.:0591-83139736、0591-83139746

Contact fax:0591-83139738

E-mail: hao5188@21cn.com

2. Related information:

Undertaking unit: Cangshan District Bureau of Economic Development

Person in charge: Zhou Daochun

Contact tel: 0591-63051697  

Fax: 0591-63051691

3. Content, construction scale and site choice of project

Workshops of a metropolitan industrial park are to be constructed. Plot 1# is to the west of Fuwan Rd. with 522.37 mu of land for use (465.14 mu actually used) in total; Plot 2# is to the south of Pulmonary Hospital on Second Ring Rd. with 379.38 mu of land for use (261.2 mu actually used) in total.

4. Reasons for and conditions of project construction

In order to make full use of the opportunities involved in constructing New East City, as required by urban development procedure, no new traditional industrial workshops are to be constructed—only new commercial buildings and building-form industrial parks. Since the surrounding land meets the conditions for combined development, and Third Ring Rd. and Fuxia Rd. are nearby, the location offers very convenient traffic.

5. Progress in early-stage work: the utilization planning for both plots has been adjusted and at present the application for converting agricultural land to industrial land has been submitted to the provincial government for approval.

6. Total project investment: RMB 1.20 million per mu for 901.75 mu of land developed, or USD 0.16 million is to be invested.

7. Cooperation mode: investment introduction for plots of land.

Source: fuzhou.gov.cn