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Flexible and preferential industrial support policies
Updated: 2010-03-26

In addition to policy supports of the country, Fuzhou has promulgated a series of preferential policies to encourage businesses setting up regional headquarters in the city, developing service outsourcing and hi-tech industries. These local policies include Interim Regulations of Fuzhou Encouraging Domestic and Overseas Enterprises to Set up Regional Headquarters in Fuzhou, Some Opinions of Fuzhou to Promote Service Outsourcing Industry, Some Opinions on Promoting New and Hi-tech Industry Development, Some Regulations on Supporting Software Industry Development, Some Regulations on Supporting 863 Software Specialty Incubation Development, Some Policies on Encouraging to Support Cartoon Games, Measures of Fuzhou to Support and Cultivate Independent Intellectual Properties, and Interim Measures of Fuzhou to Introduce High-grade Talents.