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State Grid bolsters development of West-strait Economic Zone
Updated: 2010-04-30

Lili Electric Power Substation, which will be constructed in west Fuzhou, will be among the first 500 KV digital substations in Fujian province.

Its designer, Fujian Electric Power Survey & Design Institute, has announced that the design uses some of the most advanced technology, including intelligent terminals and fully digital network communication.

The construction of Lili Substation is a substantial step to the accomplishment of the smart grid system in Fujian, namely an automatic, information-based and highly integrated power system, with an EHV (extra-high voltage) electricity network as its main supporting framework.

According to Fujian Electric Power, Ltd, a unit of China’s State Grid Corp, Fujian is the first province to draw up a plan for developing the smart grid in China.

During the period of the “12th Five-Year Plan” (2011—2015), the smart grid will be the main task of Fujian province, and is hoped to guarantee reliable, economical, clean and effective power supply.

Fujian will invest a total of RMB 12.53 billion in the grid’s construction, in order to guarantee a series of 500 KV power transmission and distribution projects this year.

In addition, the rural power grid will be upgraded and, in cities like Fuzhou, electrical and network cables will be laid underground.

It is estimated that the total investment in Fujian’s grid within the “11th Five-Year Plan” period (2006—2010) will exceed the RMB 61 billion originally planned.

By Xie Fang and Ke Liping