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Fujian business elites gather for conference
Updated: 2010-05-18

The 3rd International Conference for Fujian Business People opened on May 17 in Fuzhou, attracting more than 1,500 Fujian businesspeople from 50 countries and areas around the world. Business elites of Fujian origin gathered to reaffirm their passion for their hometown and consult on the development of the Western Taiwan Straits Economic Zone.

Fujian business elites gather for conference
Opening ceremony of the 3rd International Conference for Fujian Business People

Standing member of the Political Bureau of CCP Central Committee and Chairman of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC) Jia Qinglin sent a letter of congratulations to the conference.

Vice President of CPPCC and President of All-china Federation of Industry and Commerce Huang Mengfu made a speech during the opening ceremony. He said that Fujian businesspeople were a group of pioneers and innovators who made up one-fifth of the total 50 million overseas Chinese in more than 170 countries and regions around the world. Moreover, Fujianese businessmen accounted for one-tenth of the top 500 Chinese businessmen in the world.

Huang also spoke highly of Fujian businessmen who set up numerous Fujianese associations and chambers of commerce around the world, established friendly relationships with local residents, promoted the global circulation of commodities and contributed to the economic and social development in host countries and regions.

Fujian businesspeople stuck to the idea of "working hard and winning" and dedicated their diligence and wisdom to the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation. The spirit of Fujian businessmen advocates observing the changing times, keeping abreast of achievements, daring to take risks, working hard and winning, remaining cohesive and united, supporting others, and loving their hometown. This spirit has become an integral part of the Chinese nation and has won respect from abroad.

Business tycoons such as President of the Board of Royal Golden Eagle International (Indonesia) J H Chen, President of Taiwan Cement Corp Leslie Koo and CEO of Hengan Corp Lianjie Xu made speeches in the conference on behalf of businessmen from overseas, Chinese mainland and areas of Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan.

They expressed their excitement about the momentous progress and promising future of the Western Taiwan Straits Economic Zone. They also believed that a big round of opening-up and investment was taking shape in Fujian, which would provide a vast stage and new opportunities for Fujianese businessmen at home and abroad.

Director of Chinese Studies Center at the French Academy of Science, F. Gipouloux also made a statement at the conference. A keynote speech praising the spirit of Fujianese businessmen was also heard. At the end of the conference, vice governor of Fujian province announced the awards to businessmen of Fujian origin for outstanding contribution to the construction of the Western Taiwan Straits Economic Zone and generous donation to public welfare.