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Fujian Province
The main traditional specialties are the Oolong Tea, orange of Zhangzhou, longan of Jinjiang, lacquer ware of Fuzhou, porcelain of Dehua, stone carving of Shoushan and woodcarving of Quanzhou.

Brief Introduction of Fuzhou
Located in the alluvial plain of the lower reaches of the Minjiang River in the southeast coastal area and facing the sea to the east, Fuzhou is an ancient city along the southeast coast and an old foreign trade port of China.

History and Culture
Fuzhou is a well-known city with 2000 years of history and culture.

Name Card of Fuzhou
China's Fuzhou possesses several famous name cards, which are famous all over the world.

City Emblem
Three Mountains and One River became Fuzhou’s emblem and Fuzhou is also named “Three Mountains.”

Service Organizations for Foreigners
A series of service organizations for foreigners in Fuzhou are listed.

City Tree and Flower
Banyan: Banyan planting is a tradition from ancient times in Fuzhou.

City Fruit
Tangerine: The Fuzhou basin teems with tangerines, with oranges making up their majority.