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Foreigners seek business opportunities at fair
While visiting the exhibition stands, Legesse Geremew told the China Daily that this was the greatest exhibition that he had ever visited.

Fujian business elites gather for conference
The 3rd International Conference for Fujian Business People opened on May 17 in Fuzhou, attracting more than 1,500 Fujian businesspeople from 50 countries and areas around the world. Business elites of Fujian origin gathered to reaffirm their passion for their hometown and consult on the development of the Western Taiwan Straits Economic Zone.

International Conference & Exhibition Center runs
The Fujian Strait International Conference & Exhibition Center began its trial run on May 9, 2010.

Pursue latest trend of Hong Kong vogue life
5-day Style Hong Kong Show opens at the International Convention & Exposition Center in Fuzhou.

State Grid bolsters development of Fuzhou
Lili Electric Power Substation, which will be constructed in west Fuzhou, will be among the first 500 KV digital substations in Fujian province.

12th Cross-Strait Fair holds press conference
The 12th Cross-Strait Fair for Trade and Economy and the 7th Fujian Commodities Fair held a press conference in Beijing on April 20th.

Cross-Straits Fair attracts Taiwanese
The 12th Cross-Straits Fair for Economy and Trade will open on May 18 in Fuzhou, Fujian province.

Taiwan farmer planting seeds of success
Other than the company of his two dogs, several chickens and geese at his simple bungalow, Taiwan fruit farmer Lin Maosheng will be spending this Spring Festival alone.

105 bln yuan railway network to be built
A ceremony was held Thursday to mark the start of construction on seven railway projects and operation of another three high-speed railroads, linking Fujian Province with other east China provinces.

Fujian shoemakers find their feet
It is probably the worst of times and also the best of times in Fujian province.

Textile firms eye mainland mart
It was a display booth that looked different from all the others at a recent textile fair in Fujian province. 

Fujian to stimulate economic growth
The southeastern province of Fujian aims to achieve 10 percent economic growth this year despite the impact of the global economic downturn, top provincial officials said at the ongoing provincial people's congress.

Fujian GDP expected to hit 1 trillion yuan
China's eastern Fujian province is soon to join the country's club of most wealthy provinces, as its GDP is expected to rise to 1 trillion yuan ($146 billion) for the first time in 2008.

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