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Taiwan's rice on show at cross-Straits business event
Businesses from both sides of the Taiwan Straits held their first joint exhibition Tuesday at the 12th Cross-Straits Fair for Economy and Trade (CFET) in Fuzhou, capital of Fujian province.

Economy and trade fair opens in Fuzhou
The 12th Cross-Straits Fair for Economy and Trade (CFET) and the 7th China Fujian Commodities Fair opened Tuesday.

Cross-Straits fair boosts Taiwan goods
'It is good for both sides to know and admire each other's advantages'

Fujian Accelerating Exchanges and Cooperation with Taiwan
A total of 423 Taiwan business corporations have participated in the 12th Cross-straits Fair for Economy and Trade and the 7th Commodities Fair Fujian China.

Fujian governor begins six-day Taiwan visit
Governor of southeast China's Fujian Province Huang Xiaojing started a six-day visit to Taiwan Wednesday.

164 Contracts are expected in 12th Cross-straits Fair
On April 20, the Fuzhou Municipal Government and the Organizing Committee held a press conference for the 12th Cross-straits Fair for Economy and Trade and the 7th Commodities Fair in Beijing.

Taiwanese employed as guest mediators for Fuzhou’s cases
The Fuzhou City Middle-Level Court has officially employed 20 local Taiwan businessmen to be guest mediators for cross-Straits civil and commercial cases.

Taiwan gets bigger voice than ever in Fujian's local political life
Taiwan people in Fujian province will gradually be given more say in local political life.

Cooking up a recipe for success
FUZHOU: Xu Xiaobai's fried chicken shop is more like a simple roofed booth, but with colorful decorations and a large sign reading "authentic Taiwan flavor", it is able to pull in customers.

Sixteen airlines to operate direct cross-Straits flights
Chinese mainland's civil aviation authority has licensed 16 airline companies from the Chinese mainland and Taiwan to operate regular direct flights between the mainland and the island from the end of this month.

Fuzhou holds '7th Strait Law Forum'
The “7th Strait Law Forum”, hosted by the Fujian Culture and Economy Exchange Center and the Fujian Related to Taiwan Law Center, will be held in Fuzhou August 18. The forum, a law theory exchange platform, will be hosted by education and scientific research institutions and organizations from Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macao and the mainland.

11th Cross-Straits Fair for Economy coming to Fuzhou
The 11th Cross-Straits Fair for Economy and Trade will be held in the Jinshan Exhibition Center in Fuzhou from May 18th to May 22nd.

'Cross-Straits economic zone' proposed
Chinese political advisors have called for accelerated efforts to build a "cross-strait economic zone" covering Taiwan and the mainland's coastal provinces

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