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City Tree and Flower
Updated: 2010-04-28

City Tree

City Tree and Flower

Banyan: Banyan planting is a tradition from ancient times in Fuzhou. Especially in the Earlier Song Dynasty (960-1127), Zhang Boyu, the governor of Fuzhou, advocated every household to plant banyans, which is how Fuzhou earned the nickname, “Banyan City”.

Distinguished by its evergreen and luxuriant leaves and its tall, straight trunk, it rightly manifests the vibrancy of Fuzhou citizens. The ancient banyans in the city amount to a thousand with one located at Fuzhou National Forest Park as the biggest banyan in Fuzhou.

It is 20 meters high with crown projecting the area of 1330 square meters. It was said in the Yeping year of the Earlier Song Dynasty that three military officers planted the tree when they were practicing martial arts.

City Flower

City Tree and Flower

Jasmine: A specialty of Fuzhou, the jasmine flower ranks first in the nation in terms of output and quality. It blooms every late spring and early summer, with single lobe or polypetalous, simple or compound leaf as its divisions.

Its color varies from red to white with white as its majority. Owing to its refined flavor, it is condensed to be jasmine tea and spices.