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Three hot spring tourism projects signed in Fuzhou
Updated: 2011-09-13

During the 7th Straits Tourism Fair, Fujian province launched nearly 200 tourism invitation projects, attracting almost 100 billion yuan.

At the signing ceremony of key tourism projects on September 7, a total of 21 key tourism projects were signed successfully, which will attract 26 billion yuan. Among them, three Fuzhou hot spring and spa projects are already up and running. They have absorbed investments worth 10 billion yuan. Fujian province tops the list in terms of single and total project investment values.

Fuzhou has signed the following three projects: Dongyan cultural tourism comprehensive project, Dongbi island hot spring and coastal holiday resort project, and tea culture expo project.

Dongyan cultural tourism comprehensive project covers Lianjiang, Gui’an and Renshan, totaling an area of more than 287 hectares. The project will mainly focus on the development of a large-scale comprehensive hot spring holiday resort integrating tourism, leisure, entertainment, business meetings, and sports and fitness. The hot spring health club, five star hotel, shopping street and the memory of Fuzhou are included. The project has a total investment of 8 billion yuan.

The Straits tea culture expo garden is located at Gui’an, Lianjiang with a planned area of 80 thousand square meters. Inside the garden, a tea culture museum, a group of hot spring clubs featuring tea culture and an ecological planting garden will be established. The project has a total investment of 1 billion yuan.

The Cooperation Agreement on Fujian Financial-Tourism Industry Development was signed by Fujian Branch of China Development Bank and Fujian Tourism Administration. According to this Agreement, a loan of 30 billion yuan is expected to be extended during the “12th Five-year Plan” period, which will be used for constructing key tourism projects in Fujian province.