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CNG gas stations set up in Fuzhou
Updated: 2011-09-13

The Aofengzhou CNG service station in Fuzhou has begun operation.

“CNG” (Compressed Natural Gas) can be used as fuel for vehicles. Using CNG can cut the emission of harmful substances by 87 percent. CNG is also 25 percent cheaper than petrol.

The use of CNG is 15 percent cheaper than LNG (Liquid Natural Gas). In addition, once a leak occurs, evaporation begins automatically because the density ratio of CNG is lower than that of air. Therefore, it is very safe for use.

The CNG primary gas station in Luocheng road and the CNG gas station in Doumen are expected to be completed at the end of this year. By 2020, Fuzhou plans to build 31 CNG gas stations.

Currently, 80 taxis are using CNG. In addition, a small group of individual taxi owners also drive CNG vehicles. The main obstacle for CNG taxis are the lack of CNG gas stations.

Fuzhou Huarong Clean Energy Development Co Ltd covers a business scope of research and development of clean energy and taxi passenger transport service. According to an industry insider, huge development potential exists in the CNG taxi market and the acquisition of land for CNG stations will speed up the popularization of CNG taxis.