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Minhou No. 603 bus was officially put into operation
Updated: 2011-09-14

To the more than 800 villagers at Kongyuan village, Baisha town, Minhou, Sept. 11 is a memorable day.

The No. 603 bus shuttling between Kongyuan village and Damuxibao bridge officially began operation on Sept. 11. Kongyuan village held a ceremony marking the start of the operation.

At about 9 am, colored flags flew, while gongs and drums were beaten in front of the village committee of Kongyuan village. Two No. 603 buses, with a large red flower hanging on the hood, stopped at the village entrance and were surrounded by several villagers.

The 66-year-old Pan Wenshui looked very delighted. He told the reporter Kongyuan village is 5 kilometers away from the center of Baisha town. Villagers used to go to the town center on foot or by motorcycle. However, more than 300 elder people in the village dare cannot take a motorcycle and had to walk to town. It took them more than one hour from the village to Baisha town. Now a round trip by bus costs only four yuan. It is more convenient and safe.

The operation of No. 603 bus not only solves the problem of travel that troubled more than 800 villagers in Kongyuan village, but also brings benefit to over 18,000 villagers at the 11 natural villages along the bus route. According to the introduction, No. 603 bus has 13 stops -- the starting point is Kongyuan village and the final stop is Damuxi Baoqiao. The departure time of the first bus is 6 am and the last bus takes off at 6 pm. The interval between stops is about 20 minutes. Currently, three buses are provided for this route. Two more buses will be put into service in the near future.