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Fine equipment was used in the fire drill
Updated: 2011-09-14

At 10 am on Sept 11, the No.5 heavy oil tank in Mawei Xingmin Oil Depot was set on fire by lightning. The flames reached over 30 meters high. The diesel oil flowing out of the tank became a flowing fire on the ground. The combustion area was about 500 square meters wide.

But the fire was actually a live drill for large oil tank fire fighting and rescue organized by the Fuzhou Fire Brigade. The Xingmin Oil Depot, located in Hongshan road section, Mawei, and built along the northern bank of the Minjiang River, has 13 oil storage tanks. If not handled properly, the fire could cause major loss and serious pollution. The consequences could be extraordinary.

Immediately after the Fuzhou Fire Brigade received the alarm, it initiated the oil tank fire fighting and rescue plan and sent 28 fire engines from 13 squadrons to the site. Meanwhile, the full-time command personnel from the Fuzhou Fire Brigade also rushed to the site to command the operation.

The elevating crank fire engine, which has a maximum operation height of 32 meters and a jet range of 60 meters, the high rise jet fire engine, which has an operation height of 18 meters and a jet range of more than 50 meters, the Signum foam monitor, which has a jet range of 85 meters and other fine firefighting equipment were all quickly put into battle. Columns of water formed a tight water network to cool the tank on fire and cover it with foam. After more than 30 minutes of effort from 230 firefighters, the fire was put out.

In view of the fire features of petrochemical establishments, the drill tested fire fighting and rescue measures, water and foam supply, the maximum horizontal jet range, horizontal rotational angle, the foam expansion ratio of various kinds of monitors, and the pressure of different models of engine pumps.