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Mid-autumn night celebration by Antai River
Updated: 2011-09-15

The mid-autumn celebration jointly organized by Fuzhou’s Civilization Office and Sanfangqijie (three alleys and seven streets) Administrative Commission was held in Guanglufang Park by Antai River. Many citizens came to celebrate.

It was the first time that Fuzhou has held a mid-autumn lantern show and moon sacrificing activity by Antai River. Fuzhou citizens and tourists were taken back by the profound charm of the traditional culture.

Since ancient times, the Chinese has had a tradition of offering sacrifice to the moon god. Offering sacrifice to the moon was a royal rite long ago. As time progressed officials and scholars followed the habit and gradually it became a common, traditional activity among people. By the Tang dynasty (AD 618-907), offering sacrifice to the moon and watching the moon on mid-autumn day had become popular.

During this year’s celebration, guests and citizens chanted poems about mid-autumn, a band formed by folk music lovers played Fuzhou’s traditional folk music using musical instruments, and locals formed “human towers” – a unique mid-autumn game in Fuzhou.