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Fishery Expo opens in Fuzhou
Updated: 2011-09-22

On Sept 16, the 2011 Cross-Straits (Fuzhou) Fishery Week and the Sixth Cross-Straits (Fuzhou) Fishery Expo opened at the Fuzhou Cross-Straits International Conference and Exhibition Center.

Fishery Expo opens in Fuzhou

On Sept15, the preparatory work was in full swing. The exhibitors have resorted to every means to showcase their brand images, expecting to attract more audience members to the event.

Outside, flags were fluttering in the wind and colored balloons were drifting in the pool; several workers were still tweaking some details. Inside the exhibition center, the halls were decorated in various ways; workers were garnishing the booths while on-scene commanders were guiding the constructors on changes.

At the Fuzhou Goldfish hall, the exhibition hall was principally a blue color and 70-plus fish tanks were put in place. They were eye-catching against the small, wooden bridge in the central region. Designer Lin said the 3,000 square meter pavilion aims to show Fuzhou’s goldfish, which rank first in China, as well as the culture of goldfish and the fishery industry. Water running through the hall represents a unique feature in layout and reflects the industrial characteristics of the fishery industry. All preparation work was completed by that night. Starting Sept 16, the Expo will be open to the public from 9 am to 5 pm.