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Hanfu presentation wows Fuzhou
Updated: 2013-05-02

Hanfu presentation wows Fuzhou

Two fans dressed in Hanfu pose for photo.
The curtain went up on a Cross-Straits Hanfu Culture Festival, in the city of Fuzhou, Fujian province, on April 30, attracting nearly 70 Hanfu (Chinese clothing) clubs and 200 Hanfu fans across the Straits.

There was quite a gathering on the square in front of the Dacheng Hall of Fuzhou’s Confucian Temple with people dressed in the ruqun (a top garment with long sleeves, and separate skirt) or the quju (a long full-body garment), as well as a variety of other traditional Chinese clothing designs.

The purpose of the event was to teach people more about the clothing and arouse their interest in Chinese culture, explained Zheng Wei, the vice-president of the Fuzhou Traditional Culture Promotion Committee. On opening day, after the colorful Hanfu display, participants prayed to a statue of Confucius using ancient rituals, asking for a blessing for earthquake-damaged Ya’an, a city in Sichuan province, and for the revival of Hanfu and traditional Chinese culture.

Sponsors of the activity were the Fujian Culture and History Research Institute and the city’s civic enhancement office, and culture, press and publication bureau. There will be other activities, such as a Hanfu forum, club display, and traditional costume show of pre-Qin and Han dynasties (BC 21st century-AD 220).