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Fujian relics get national-level protection
Updated: 2013-05-08

China’s Cultural Heritage Administration (SACH) recently published the list of its seventh group of key cultural relic protection units, 55 of which are in Fujian province.

Of those 55 (three of which are combined with older units), there are 29 that are related to Taiwan in some way, which brings the number of Taiwan-related cultural relics at the national level to 80 in Fujian, the largest number for any province.

The newly added relics include 17 buildings (e.g. the Jiutouma dwellings and the old city walls at Tingzhou, in the city of Longyan), five old sites (Lianhuachi Mountain, near the city of Zhangzhou), two sites and various buildings from more modern times (tombs of soldiers and the residence and ancestral temple of the hero Lin Zexu).

The geographic and cultural ties of Fujian and Taiwan go back a long way, hence their close relations and Taiwan has provided Fujian with many cultural resources. The province has 1,515 Taiwan-related relics on record, accounting for 80 percent of the nation’s total.

Edited by Yang Jie, Lin Hong and Roger Bradshaw