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'Fresh Fujian' wheels into Xiamen
Updated: 2014-10-28

A tourism promotion event featuring Fujian’s iconic cultures such as tea and Hakka, as well as its heritage as one of the ancient cities on the maritime Silk Road, was held in Xiamen city on Oct 27.

'Fresh Fujian' wheels into Xiamen

An arts performance is staged at the commencement of the 8th China-US Tourism Leadership Summit in Xiamen, Fujian province, Oct 27. [Photo by Hu Meidong/China Daily]

Titled “Beautiful China, Fresh Fujian”, the event is one of the main activities of the 8th China-US Tourism Leadership Summit.

A magnificent arts performance, which was divided into three chapters of tea, building and roads, was staged for the occasion.

Professor Alastair Morrison, a consultant for the World Tourism Organization and a guest at the event, sums up Fujian’s tourism characteristics in 10 Ts, namely Tea, Tulou (Hakka earth building), Ties, Tides, Taiwan, Temples, Trees, Thermal, Tropics and Transportation.

“Of course, Fujian’s tourism competitiveness stretches far beyond these 10 elements. I hope the Americans and more overseas friends can come to Fujian and experience its glamour,” he said.

The unique architectural techniques in building the Hakka earth dwelling were highlighted in the recommendation by Huang Xianzheng, a guest professor with Xiamen University.

Chen Jian, honorary chairman of the Quanzhou Chamber of Commerce in Xiamen, shed light on Fujian’s marine conditions and port advantages, and welcomed the more cooperation with the US to boost the development of the marine economy.

The Summit is jointly hosted by the (China) National Tourism Bureau, Brand USA and the US Travel Association.

The summit has attracted some 150 delegates from industry associations, travel agencies and the press from both of the two countries over a three-day span from Oct 27 to 29.

More dialogues for Sino-US tourism cooperation, and a series of promotion sessions on tourism resources in Fujian – Xiamen in particular – will be held during the summit.

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