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Fuzhou promotes hot spring tourism
Updated: 2014-11-17

On Nov 15, the fifth Fuzhou Hot Spring International Tourism Festival kicked off in Fuqing county, Fuzhou city, a place that boasts a history of more than 1,700 years in hot spring development.

Fuzhou promotes hot spring tourism
Photo courtesy of fj.people.cn

33 hot spring resorts from eight cities in the province rolled out a number of incentives and other stimulus measures in a bid to promote the hot spring business.

For example, residents in Fuzhou can buy a 10-yuan bus ticket to Fuqing to enjoy the hot spring. The ticket can also be used as a 10-yuan voucher there.

13 hot spring resorts and hotels in Fujian launched “buy two, get one free” special ticket offers.

A large bath tub made of woods showed up at the festival. With a base diameter of four meters and a height of three meters, it is recognized by the China Record Headquarters as the world’s largest bath tub.