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Shipwreck proves 2nd sea lane between Fuzhou, China, and Japan
Updated: 2015-03-12

Archaeologists from the Fujian Museum have discovered an ancient shipwreck full of porcelain wares in coastal waters of Fuzhou, provincial capital, adding physical evidence to previous suggestions that a maritime route from Fuzhou to Okinawa, Japan, existed, the Fuzhou Daily reported on March 11.

Lou Jianlong, chief of Cultural Relics and Archaeology Institute of the Fujian Museum, said the porcelain wares such as Fuzhou black-glazed bowls found in the shipwreck showed a remarkable resemblance to those unearthed in Okinawa of Japan.

The discovery proved that there was actually another sea lane between China and Japan, apart from the one from Ningbo in Zhejiang Province to Okinawa, Lou added.

In addition, the archaeologists confirmed six shipwreck sites were found in Fuzhou waters in 2014. They will soon launch further underwater exploration of the sites, Lou added.