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Fuzhou mountaineering enthusiast challenges Qomolangma
Updated: 2015-04-14

Fuzhou mountaineering enthusiast challenges Qomolangma

Xue Wei (R) takes a photo with his climbing mates. [Photo/nhaidu.com]

Fuzhou mountaineering enthusiast challenges Qomolangma

The Qomolangma base camp [Photo/nhaidu.com]

Xue Wei, a mountaineering enthusiast from Fuzhou, Fujian province, started an expedition to climb Qomolangma, the world's highest peak lying on the border of China and Nepal, and already arrived at an Qomolangma base camp at 5,200 meters on April 14.

Xue, who owns two private-owned companies, has over ten-year experience in climbing mountains. In order to acquire the qualification for climbing Qomolangma, he conquered the 8,200-meter high Mt Cho Oyu, the world's sixth highest mountain in 2014.

Mountain climbers generally have two choices in reaching their targeted peak: either using the northern slop of Qomolangma in Tibet autonomous region or going through southern slop in Nepal. Xue, as most of the climbers do, chose the first one.

He arrived in Lhasa on April 7. Before heading Qomolangma, he signed a "life and death contract", agreeing he would take responsibility for any risks and possible unforeseen consequences during the dangerous expedition.

Xue spent three days in Lhasa, receiving some training and physical examinations. He also shared his experiences with other fellow travelers over there. Nyima Cering, deputy director of Tibet Sports Bureau and the former president of Tiber Mountaineering School also spoke of his experience with ways of tackling psychological problems during the expedition.

Xue, together with his team members, arrived at the base camp on April 11 and learned that a total of 300 climbers from across the world took part in the challenge.

Though it was the fourth time for him to arrive at the same camp, he was full of excitement as he is challenging the 8,848-meter-high peak.

By Lu Ting from China Daily Fujian Bureau