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Around China: Cross-strait efforts target World Heritage status 2013-05-13
The mainland and Kinmen learn from earch other in the conservation of cultural relics.

Fujian relics get national-level protection 2013-05-08
SACH recently published the list of its seventh group of key cultural relic protection units, 55 of which are in Fujian province.

Hanfu presentation wows Fuzhou 2013-05-02
The curtain went up on a Cross-Straits Hanfu Culture Festival in Fuzhou on April 30.

Oldest Puxian opera continues in Fujian 2013-01-28
Actresses performed Puxian opera, one of the oldest forms of Chinese opera, at the Dongqin Village in Putian City, southeast China's Fujian Province, Jan. 26, 2013.

Traditional Chinese handicraft - Fuzhou bodiless lacquerware 2013-01-23
Bodiless lacquerware is a traditional Chinese handicraft in Fuzhou.

Qixi events in Sanjie Qifang 2012-08-21
On Qixi,the Sanjie Qifang will prepare traditional events for visitors.

Fujian organizes traditional Chinese medicine inheritance program 2012-08-14
Fujian has organized the fifth National Inheritance Program of Traditional Chinese Medicine.In the program, 22 old experts in TCM will select 44 heirs from hospitals or academic institutes.

Gaoye Temple Folk Culture Festival launched in Fuzhou 2012-07-24
The first Gaoye Temple Folk Culture Festival was held in the east of Wushan Mountain in Fuzhou on July 24.

Jin’an: Nongjiele Demonstration Area built by integrating high-level farm households 2012-05-31
On April 10, the starting process of comprehensively transforming the Guling villa and farm inns was launched in the Jin’an district, Fujian province.

The circle of life 2012-05-30
Hakka people's distinctive homes - tulou - have a storied past and one today is a prime tourist attraction.

Temple on the river: a fading holy land 2012-05-28
FUZHOU, May 5 (Xinhua) -- Jinshan Temple looks as if it is beset in a bucolic Chinese ink painting. A cloud dims nearby mountains to light gray shadows, where the Min River disappears.

Mid-autumn night celebration by Antai River 2011-09-15
The mid-autumn celebration jointly organized by Fuzhou’s Civilization Office and Sanfangqijie.

Three hot spring tourism projects signed in Fuzhou 2011-09-13
Fujian launched nearly 200 tourism invitation projects, attracting almost 100 billion yuan.

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