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Fishery Expo opens in Fuzhou 2011-09-22
The 2011 Cross-Straits (Fuzhou) Fishery Week and the Sixth Cross-Straits (Fuzhou) Fishery Expo opened in Fuzhou.

Inland river near Xiguan Water Gate embraces new scenes 2011-09-20
On Sept 14, two new sculptures of water beast heads appeared where Baima River and Antai River meet.

Zuohai Jellyfish Aquarium to open on Oct.1 2011-09-19
Zuohai Sea World Jellyfish Aquarium will be put into service on Oct. 1.

ECFA benefits Taiwan’s primary and secondary industries 2011-09-15
ECFA has played an important role in improving Taiwan’s primary and secondary industries.

Mid-autumn night celebration by Antai River 2011-09-15
The mid-autumn celebration jointly organized by Fuzhou’s Civilization Office and Sanfangqijie.

The Cross-Straits Ship Administration Culture Seminar 2011-09-15
The second Cross-Straits Ship Administration Culture seminar will be held from Sep. 16 to Sep. 18.

Fine equipment was used in the fire drill 2011-09-14
The fire was actually a live drill for large oil tank fire fighting and rescue organized by the Fuzhou Fire Brigade.

Minhou No. 603 bus was officially put into operation 2011-09-14
To the more than 800 villagers at Kongyuan village, Baisha town, Minhou, Sept. 11 is a memorable day.

Fujian Children’s Library to be opened on September 26 2011-09-14
Fujian Children’s Library will officially open on Sept 26.

CNG gas stations set up in Fuzhou 2011-09-13
The Aofengzhou CNG service station in Fuzhou has begun operation.

Three hot spring tourism projects signed in Fuzhou 2011-09-13
Fujian launched nearly 200 tourism invitation projects, attracting almost 100 billion yuan.

Hotel Nikko Xiamen has its grand opening 2011-09-13
Hotel Nikko Xiamen had its grand opening on Thursday.

Fuzhou port upgraded 2011-09-09
Fujian government has approved the Executive Plan on the Integration of Management System of Fuzhou and Ningde Ports

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