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Fuzhou Inspection and Quarantine Bureau supports key project construction 2011-08-26
Key projects in Fujian will be given support.

More CRH trains running on Fuzhou-Xiamen line 2011-08-26
Fuzhou-Xiamen high-speed rail will put four extra CRH trains into service.

Fuzhou mayor inspects construction of bridge and logistics center 2011-08-25
Su Zengtian, vice-governor of Fujian province and mayor of Fuzhou city, visited the Luozhou Bridge construction site and the Cross-Straits Agricultural Produce Logistics Center

Fujian unveils national base for protecting underwater cultural relics 2011-08-25
The National Underwater Cultural Heritage Protection Fujian Base was established at Fujian Museum.

Experts in Fujian Seismological Bureau: no scientific basis for recent "earthquake" rumor 2010-08-12
Rumors on net that an earthquake will happen in Fuzhou, Quanzhou and other places.

Ties warm up among cross Straits people 2010-07-21
Despite the status quo political disunity, people in the Chinese mainland and Taiwan are rapidly becoming closely intertwined, warming up their business links, cultural exchanges and family ties.

Theater of dreams 2010-05-14
It is said that Beijing is the place for intellectuals and artists, while Shanghai is where wealth creators thrive. But the financial shrewdness of the Shanghainese is only one of their many faces. Exposed to Western influences during the colonial times, people in Shanghai have nurtured and preserved a thriving theater scene despite unparalleled cultural changes and economic development over the past decades.

Fujian, Taiwan keep close 2010-05-04
Fujian has a close relationship both geographically and culturally with Taiwan, with 80 percent of Taiwan residents of Fujian descent.

Fujian was among the first provinces to open up 2010-05-04
Fujian province was among the first to open up to the outside world and was a pilot zone of reform in China. Since ancient times, white porcelain, from Dehua in Fujian, has played a significant role in international trade.

Fair attracts Taiwan businesses 2010-04-27
The upcoming 12th annual Cross-Straits Fair for Economy and Trade, which will open on May 18, has attracted the largest number ever of Taiwan companies.

Security on alert for island talks 2010-03-29
A senior Taiwan negotiator pledged to ensure the safety and dignity for Beijing's top envoy when he visits the island for the upcoming cross-Straits talks.

Mainland may pull some missiles expert 2010-03-29
Beijing might consider removing a portion of its missile arsenal in South China, a long-held precondition by Taiwan officials for peaceful cross-Straits ties, a mainland expert said Wednesday.

Govt pushing for lower air fares on cross-Straits flights 2010-03-29
Taiwan's transportation authorities revealed that they will try to push for more flights between Taiwan and popular destinations on the mainland.

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