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Seaports of Fuzhou
Fuzhou ports are one of the main pivotal ports in the Chinese coastlines, and one of the top 10 container shipping ports in the country.

Land transport
Fuzhou has a highway network extending in all directions. It has basically constructed a trunk highway network.

Flexible and preferential industrial support policies
In addition to policy supports of the country, Fuzhou has promulgated a series of preferential policies to encourage businesses setting up regional headquarters in the city, developing service outsourcing and hi-tech industries.

National leading human resources supply
Fuzhou is well developed in education. There are 64 academicians in the country born in Fuzhou, making the city a cradle of academicians.

Sufficiently supplied clean energy
Fuzhou has a capacity to supply 128,000 cubic meters liquefied petroleum gas to satisfy local production and daily life needs.

Power sufficient city
Fuzhou has a Shuikou hydropower station, the largest of its kind in East China, and three thermal power stations, which are Changle Huaneng, Jiangyin Guodian and Kemen Huadian.

Large flux of quality fresh water resources
Fuzhou has rich fresh water resources. Min River ranks the seventh largest in the country in the rate of flow, totaling 63 billion cubic meters.

National leading telecom service
Fuzhou is among the most developed in the country in telecom service.

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